31 Days of Friendship

31 Days of FriendshipDay One: 31 Days of Friendship: An Introduction

Day Two: “Hi, My Name is Caitlin…” 

Day Three: Jesus & Peter

Day Four: Friends Help You Do Hard Things

Day Five: Friendship & Singleness

Day Six: My Favorite Books on Friendship

Day Seven: Friends Who Shift Your Focus

Day Eight: Resolving Conflict

Day Nine: Restoration

Day Ten: How to Make the Most of Living With Roommates

Day Eleven: First Responders

Day Twelve: Personalities & Friendship

Day Thirteen: Favorite Podcasts on Friendship

Day Fourteen: Vacationing With Your Friends

Day Fifteen: 20 Questions to Ask Your Friends

Day Sixteen: The Gift of Going Second

Day Seventeen: Living Without Walls

Day Eighteen: Friendship With Jesus in Marriage

Day Nineteen: The Fruit of Friendship