31 Days of Grace


Day 1: An Introduction to October

 Day 2: Grace Like Breathing

Day 3: Grace Through Roommates

Day 4: Places of Grace: Bloomington

Day 5: Grace Says, “Stop Competing.”

Day 6: Monday Lovin’

Day 7: Grace and Unmet Expectations

Day 8: Graceful Wednesday

Day 9: Grace Has Paid My Debt

Day 10: Reflections on Grace (1)

Day 11: Grace Here & Now

Day 12: Grace and Forgiveness

Day 13: Monday Lovin’

Day 14: Grace To Say, “No”

Day 15: Graceful Wednesday

Day 16: Grace as a Practice

Day 17: That’s Easy, “Grace”

Day 18: A Day of Grace

Day 19: Grace and Friendship

Day 20: Monday Lovin’

Day 21: Grace in the Waiting

Day 22: Graceful Wednesday

Day 23: Places of Grace: Indianapolis

Day 24: Grace & Adoption

Day 25: Grace & Faithfulness

Day 26: Gratitude, Grace & Joy

Day 27: Monday Lovin’

Day 28: Grace to Slow Down

Day 29: Habits & Grace


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