Monday Lovin’

I’m back here again, since it’s Monday and time for Monday Lovin’. What a weekend it was – full of fun, family and friends.

My parents brought my desk from Cincinnati and it’s all set up. I’m look forward to having a place to write and sit when I talk with clients on the phone. The more I write, the more I want to write. Serious writers need actual desks and spaces to create. I’m looking forward to not just typing on my computer as I lay in bed, but having a place to work. Plus, I’ve moved one of my favorite decorations onto the desk, a wood sign that says, “Dream,” reminding me of my why. I want to write well, I dream of writing well, and it starts here. With practice and commitment.


The reason why my parents were in Indianapolis was for Jake’s soccer tournament. It was so refreshing to spend time with them and remember just how much they love me. They know me inside and outside and I love having the opportunity to host them in Indianapolis once a year. We had wonderful fried chicken and loaded potato wedges on Saturday night. Yum! Plus, Sue took me shopping, and that’s also my favorite!



Jake is a great soccer player. He spent some time playing goalie on Sunday and I was proud of how brave he is. While I would completely flinch, he remains calm and collected. It takes courage to play sports, a type of vulnerability that we take for granted in kids, but it is encouraging to watch him play his best.


Ann Voskamp’s words in One Thousand Gifts are motivating and convicting me. I love learning more about how to practice gratitude. I highly recommend it!


I am excited to head back to work this morning. I’m in a sweet spot in the work I’m doing, feeling as though I’m growing, learning and using my strengths. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to love what I’m doing and feel as though it makes a difference.






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