Monday Lovin’

I’m a nonfiction girl through and through. I long to learn more about the world and to read about real things. But, once in a blue moon, I get so into a novel that I want to keep reading against my better judgment. To get so lost in the lives of the characters that I forget to care about what time the alarm will go off in the morning. This week, the characters of Jojo Moyes’ novel, Silver Bay, captivated me. It is a smart, complex multi-layered love story rooted in a mother’s love for her daughters. I strong recommend the novel!




I have a shopping problem. I’m working on it, but given the amount of clothing I already have, I have no business spending more money on clothing. In an effort to curb my shopping, I bought a new storage container for my sweaters so that I could see them all at the same time. My hope is that in seeing them, I wouldn’t feel the need to purchase any more, even when they’re on a ridiculously good sale, and I can stack my employee discount on top of the discount price.


The most exciting part of this story is that I build he cube container all by myself. I got the hammer and the screwdriver, followed the instructions and in 30 minutes, I was able to assemble the shelving unit. I am unbelievably proud of myself for having the confidence to start it and the persistence to finish it!


Fall weather has descended on Indianapolis and it is here to stay. With children back in school and the leaves starting to change, it’s the season for vendor tables and National Adoption Month. I spent Saturday working at Indy Family Fest speaking with families about international adoption and MLJ Adoptions’ country programs. Each time I answer a family’s questions, or share about the need for international adoption, I’m reminded just how much I love my job and how God has uniquely equipped me to do it. I am humbled at the opportunity to interact with courageous families and to advocate for the world’s most vulnerable children.



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