A Day of Grace

Today was my first full day off in 13 days. Today is my last day off for 13 days. In the month of October, I will only have 2 days of not working. This schedule I keep is taking a toll on my heart, mind and soul. But today I paused. Today, I created space, and God showed up. God showed up in extraordinary friendships amidst an ordinary life.

I started the morning off with a new friend. New friendships are hard because you never know quite how much to share and what they will think. It was special this morning to hear, “Me too,” more than once. It was wonderful to be able to understand where this friend is at and know that there are other 20 somethings fighting for community just like I am. Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s now what we thought it would be.

Naps on fall days are one of my favorite things. I had multiple hours of nothing to do, so I curled up in my bed, watched Netflix (Gilmore Girls of course) and took a nap. Solid alone time was much needed since I spend a majority of my day surrounded by people.

Afternoon coffee with one of my oldest and best friends was refreshing. This friend has seen tears in Wright Food Court, tears in the IMU, tears on our baptism day in Chicago, and joys every step of the way as well. A friend who has seen it all and still chooses to be my friend is the best kind of friend. There’s no false pretence, just grace.

Since I’ve left college, so much has changed, I feel like I different person some days, but then I sit down with old friends and I realize that I’m still here, fighting for the same things I’ve always wanted, still the same person I’ve always been. I’ve grown and changed, but I’m still me. I love hearing my friends dream about what they want to do with their lives, it reminds me just how great and mighty God is and what He is capable of doing.

A post-coffee workout on the treadmill and dinner with friends – old and new – rounded off the evening. And then, I got to talk with another best friend. You know they’re a good friend when they call you at 10:15 and let you talk and talk and they listen without judgment. I love that this friend will ask really honest questions and I trust her enough to give her the honest answers.

From start to finish today was a day of grace. There was nothing extra special, but in the midst of my ordinary life, God continues to remind me of His goodness. It’s not what I do, but who I am that matters. I’m thankful for a day to slow down and reflect on who He is and the grace He extends.


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