Monday Lovin’

It’s Monday, which means one thing – it’s time for Monday Lovin’! I’m taking a break today from my 31 day writing challenge, #write31days, to celebrate Monday, the start of another week. While it is difficult to pull myself out of bed, it is a fresh start, which is refreshing after a crazy weekend and during a busy season at work.

Right now I’m rejoicing that Gilmore Girls is finally on Netflix. True life: I almost gave myself an ulcer in high school because I drank A LOT of black coffee trying to be as cool as Lorelei Gilmore. Yes, that is a true story. I cannot wait to curl up with a cup of coffee (now with ample creamer and Splenda) and hang out with Lorelei and Rory, wondering how I can have their metabolisms and quick wit.

I gave up drinking pop back in August because of the mass qualities that I was consuming and out of a desire to put better things in my body. While I haven’t had any soda since, I have started drinking more coffee. Which is one of the things I am loving right now, and the cooler temperatures are making it even more enjoyable. I have a fun mug at work just so I can drink my coffee every morning.

This weekend, I traveled down to Bloomington for an IU tailgate. It was bitter cold, but the time I spent with friends, the Mother Bear’s Pizza and the mimosas were totally worth it. I am continually grateful for my four years at IU and the relationships I built there that continue to be a highlight in my life.

Happy Monday! Tomorrow I’ll be back talking about grace again, see you here!

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