I had a cool conversation last summer with a co-worker. I was commenting on how difficult the 20’s are. I’m 22. I’m broke. I’m unemployed. I’m single. I’ll be moving back in with my mom and dad. In so many ways, I feel like a failure. My college degree seems useless, but I’ll be paying it off for the next couple years. Anyways, I was telling this co-worker about how my mom told me that the 20’s are just plain hard. You don’t have much money, jobs are hard to come by and long-term vision may be lacking. All of which I’m currently experiencing. My friend, who was 28, responded, “Yes, it could be a difficult season, but think about how great the season could be too. Just you and God and a huge adventure.”

There are so many ideas about the 20’s. Each day I find a new blog about it. You should travel in your 20’s. You should save money in your 20’s. You should get married in your 20’s. You shouldn’t complain about not working your dream job in your 20’s. If I listened to all the advice that people have for this unique decade of my life, I would run in circles because I wouldn’t know where to actually go or what to do. I don’t need advice from others to make me feel even more confused.

My new theory is that one’s 20’s are confusing and hard. That’s why there’s such a desire to make sense of them. The quicker I can shake the idea that I need to have a plan or do things the same way as everyone else in order for something to be good, the quicker I can start enjoying my 20’s and this season of life. The unknown and uncertainty doesn’t make it any less of an adventure, and God is constant and good. I met with a pastor at my church this week and he told me that it’s important to acknowledge what is true about my current circumstances. I am unemployed, single and lacking in direction, but it’s also important to acknowledge what is true about God. He is always good. His love guides and sustains me. He is writing a beautiful story of with my life. Nothing about God changes even when my circumstances change. The God who brought me into relationship with Him here in Bloomington when I was 18 will continue to be faithful as I move home to Cincinnati on Sunday. I don’t need to make sense of my 20’s; I don’t even have to have a plan for my 20’s, I just get to walk closely with Jesus and let Him write the adventure.

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