A Legacy That Lasts

I love being in a sorority; even more, I love Phi Mu. I genuinely enjoy the sisterhood, the living with 95 girls and the never being alone part. I love that my sisters are willing to do whatever they can to make yucky days better days. I love trying to brighten their days and being given the opportunity to be there for them. But, through recruitment, I’ve learned that I also really enjoy getting the opportunity of being part of something greater. Evaluating how my behavior as a sister affects the rest of my house, has allowed me to explore the fact that I represent more than just myself. I represent what it means to be Greek. I represent the Delta Alpha chapter of Phi Mu. I represent the tradition of love, honor and truth that Phi Mu represents. I’ve been entrusted to represent the legacy of Phi Mu.

Naturally, God has used this reflection to teach me about what it means to be a Christ-follower. I call myself a Christian, and in doing so, I represent Christ. Yikes, if that doesn’t scare me crapless, nothing else does. I will never ever in this lifetime be able to even halfway live up to the legacy of Jesus. I will fail immensely at showing God’s love to people and to following Him, but I still get to call myself a Christ-follower and be part of the legacy that was started over 2000 years ago. In fact, as it is stated in Ephesians, I am a co-heir with Christ. I will unfailingly bring shame to His name, but He will share His inheritance with me in heaven. Crazy.

Just as I have to think of my sisters and rely on them for strength when I have nothing left, so I also have to look to Christ and do my best to continue on His legacy for love, forgiveness and sacrifice. As Beth Moore puts it, I have to “die daily to the the part of [myself] that [can] deny, destroy, or distract form the great work of God in [me]. The great work of God through [me].”

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