One of my new favorite bloggers posts lessons she’s learned during the month at the end of it. I loved the idea, and obviously copied her. Here’s the 5 lessons I’ve learned this month:

  1. When God chooses to move, He doesn’t wait around for doubters. Within two weeks, I accepted a job offer, found a roommate and went apartment searching. I had started to believe God had forgotten about me, and then the skies opened up, and I was so sweetly reminded that He does remember and care about me. He just needed me to completely surrender fully, and to be ready on His timeline, not mine.
  1. I am so blessed with my siblings. This summer we’ve moved past the normal sibling bickering and entered into truly enjoying each other. We cook each other meals and go on runs together. I’m thankful for Emilee and Jake. And so thankful for the time I’ve gotten to spend with them this summer.


  1. Too much caffeine makes me very anxious. Not just shaky, hardcore anxiety sets in. If I didn’t eat breakfast before my coffee, it’s bad news bears. Which is sad because I love fountain coke, and I’m moving back to the land of Polar Pops.
  1. Weddings are a beautiful celebration. The past two weekends I’ve gotten to attend weddings for two coupes I love dearly. Each wedding I attend, I learn a little bit more about love, and I get to see it reflected in new ways.
  1. Retail stores start to put out their fall lines in the middle of July. I used to think this was just J.Crew, but then I went into Bath & Body Works during the first week in July to buy coconut scented lotion, and they said that the fragrance was done for the year. Fall in July… while I like fall, July seems just a tad bit early for it to begin.

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