Monday Lovin’

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think that half of the struggle of Mondays is admitting that the weekend is over. Especially when the weekend was full of fun! When I started my job in September, I promised myself that I would not live for the weekends, but do my best to enjoy every day; each day has something special to offer. Even Mondays. Here’s what I’m loving on this rainy Monday:

1) The warm weather. Yes, I’m aware that we’re supposed to get some snow showers this evening, but all the sunshine this weekend made my heart so happy! I was able to wear shorts and put on my sunglasses. Spring has arrived!

2) My J.Crew Navy Field Jacket. When I got mine for super cheap last August, I never could have imagined how much I would love it. Its shiny gold buttons and versatility has made it one of my favorite things in my closet. It’s a great year-round item because it’s lightweight and neutral, and a great alternative to a blazer.

3) Support Letters. Tis the season for my college aged and missionary friends to begin raising support for their summer adventures or another year of vocational ministry. I absolutely love receiving letters asking me to be a part of their team and join them as they take the Gospel to the nations! While I am confident of where the Lord has me in this season, some days I long to give it all* away and go! By helping to support them, I can be part of their adventure and watch their hearts change as a result. *When I say “all” I mean everything except my Navy Field Jacket J

4) Jen Hatmaker’s Interrupted is rocking my world. She writes about how a small prayer changed her and her family’s life to be more outwardly focused. It’s convicting me that maybe I’m chasing the wrong things. It’s not about climbing the social ladder, it’s about hanging out at the bottom. The bottom is where Jesus lived. The bottom is the holy land. She at one point said, “We’re all poor, I just have more stuff,” and elaborated on what it looks like to be poor in spirit. Jesus, show me just how poor I am so I let you meet my every need.

It’s Easter week, which means I get to see my family this weekend! Today, I’m choosing joy on a Monday because life is good and God is good. Let’s choose joy together today! What are you loving this Monday?

Monday Lovin’ is inspired by Sami and her wonderful photo/life blog! Check it out here!

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