Monday Lovin’

After a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter, family and spring, it’s back to the grind on this Monday morning. I’m thankful for a 9-5 job that I love, supportive friends and family and a very special church here in Indianapolis. They make the grind less mundane. This Monday I’m loving:

1.) A dad who I share lots in common with. We were all talking at Easter brunch about our personality types. My dad and I (as far as Myers-Briggs) could not be more different. However, I hold our shared interests very close to my heart. He and I both love running, in fact we’re training for a mini-marathon in 2 weeks, we love reading, Barnes and Noble is a dangerous place for us, and beer, him probably more than me, but I do like it. I am thankful for a special relationship with him.

2.) Ice Cream. When I decided to give up sweets for lent, there was still snow on the ground. I did not for one second think through how I was going to celebrate the advent of spring without ice cream. As soon as Easter hit, I didn’t waste any time – I got ice cream last night with friends! I gave up sweets to break some back habits I had with food and to start seeing it in a healthy way. I’m so thankful for these 40 days; I look at food with new eyes. Needless to say though, I’m excited that I can go get ice cream with my friends now.

ice cream

3.) This book. Someone suggested it to me my sophomore year of college and each time my dad takes my sister book shopping I look for it, and yesterday it was there! I’ve devoured it; it’s that good. Shauna Niequist makes me want to be a writer, a writer who speaks of hope, reminding us about the good in the world because a good God loves us.

cold tangerines

4.) Redemption. Easter is a beautiful holiday to remember that yes, new things are great, but even better are the things we thought were lost, but instead they’ve been given new life. I like brand new, but even more, I like worn, old, broken-in, but seen with new eyes. Some of the best friendships in my life have been those that I was ready to walk away from, but I’ve stayed in them, and watched God change me and make the friendship even more special. I’m thankful that a life in Christ means that all that has been lost will be redeemed.

Happy Monday – may you be able to delight in things that you love today 🙂

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