Monday Lovin’

Happy Monday! The morning came early for me today, and now I’m off to start another week. This week I want to choose joy over frustration, disappointment and worry. Here are some things that help me choose joy.

  1. Great friends: There is something special about deep friendships that is good for my heart. Friends unafraid to ask hard questions, friends who can jump from a serious topic to a witty one-liner without notice, friends who tell you what you need to hear without prompting. Relationships are worth the fight.
  1. My job: Adoption comes at a high cost, both emotionally and financially, and with risk. I believe God honors the risk. There are two specific stories of kiddos whose lives have been changed by adoption and for them it has meant life. On days when it’s hard to get out of bed or the monotony is a little draining, I think of the faces of the sweet kids to whom adoption is one of the ways God is redeeming their pasts.
  1. I am enough and I have enough: This new saying of mine is helping me remember that things aren’t going to make me happy and to not use spending money to escape from reality. Real life is hard work, the mornings come early and there’s always another bill due or meal to cook, but mixed in with the real is really rich moments that I miss if I’m trying to numb myself to the hard stuff.

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