Monday Lovin’

Happy Monday! Well this Monday comes after four days off of work for most people. For those in the retail life, it was one of the busiest weekends of the year. Lucky me got a little bit of both – Thursday and Friday off work and then a crazy weekend at J.Crew with holiday shopping in full swing.

  1. Sparkle! What better way to jump into the holiday season than with sparkles – everywhere. My fingernails are painted with glitter in both gold and silver hues; I plan on keeping them that way for the next month. I’m not always a fan of sparkle and glitter, but lately I’ve been digging it, and I have no doubt that part of it has to do with Christmas decorations and it being the season when glitter is not only accepted, but encouraged.
  2. Food: I think I may be full for the next week, even longer when I remember the leftovers that my mom sent me back to Indianapolis with. My sister made an excellent pumpkin dip that I’m currently eating with a side of sweet potato casserole.
  3. Today we had a brainstorming session at work. It was so fun to have all my co-workers in one room thinking through ways we can better find families for the children who deserve them. I cannot wait to put some of our ideas into practice, flush out our vision and come up with some ways to measure success.
  4. Forty miles in November. After a couple weeks of not tracking my miles, I wanted to return to the discipline and commit. For anyone, runner or not, wanting to get in shape, I recommend goal setting and monthly goals are a great place to start. You can have an off week and not ruin it, but the end is close enough that you don’t lose motivation.
  5. “Good enough is the enemy of great.” I’m trying to push through the temptation to be “good enough” and reach for more. I’ll be the first to admit that there are times when good enough has to be okay, but there are times when it’s just easier to settle. I don’t want to let myself settle for average and mediocrity, I want to be great.

Hope your Monday has kicked off your December on the right foot. It’s a big week for me – check back on Thursday to read my blog on InCourage.

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