Monday Lovin’

It seems like Monday rolls around so quickly and it’s back to the grind. I find myself wanting just one more day of the weekend – to workout without a time limit, read without worrying about the time, and to write my heart out, but Monday morning comes once again. I’m thankful that Sami began Monday Lovin’ because it encourages me to be positive on a Monday instead of dragging my feet through the day.


  1. This weekend I made a 24-hour trip back to Cincinnati to watch Jake play some soccer and basketball, but more importantly to see Elf! It was a great show with fun choreography, singing and an endearing message about the importance of the Christmas Spirit. This year I’ve truly tried to focus on the reason for the season instead of spending it exhausted, trying to jam pack extra work and every seasonal activity. I’m chosen rest over exhaustion, trying to get into the Christmas Spirit, focusing on Jesus. I loved seeing excitement over Christmas throughout the show.
  2. I’ve been spending each morning with the She Reads Truth Advent study. The book is beautiful and it’s so great to read through the scripture passages prophesying about Baby Jesus. I continue to be amazed by Him and how a baby born in a manager was the answer to sin, death, and destruction. His birth and life fulfilled thousands of yIMG_2632ears of prophecies.
  3. Our apartment celebrated Mackenzie’s 25th birthday over the weekend. She moved into the apartment in October, and since her move to Indy she has already made so many fun friends. I loved having the opportunity to meet people from all of her circles of friends. She is a truly special friend to me – we were sorority sisters in college, prayed for our sorority SO MUCH, were in Bible Study together and have continued to remain friends even after graduation. Birthdays are my favorite because it’s a chance to celebrate someone for who they are! (I give gifts of alcohol and J.Crew goodies)
  4. I’m going to be a broken record, but I still cannot get enough of Taylor Swift’s latest CD. I keep listening to it. Not only are the songs upbeat and pop-py, but the writing is incredible.


I hope your week is off to a great start! I choosing to make this week wonderful!

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