Monday Lovin’

Happy Monday! I hope you’re staying warm during the arctic-like temperatures from last week and heading into this week. The theme of this weekend was rest. On Saturday I hit a new level of laziness by wearing pajamas until I put on workout clothes and then putting my pajamas back on after I showered. My body and spirit needed the rest.


  1. This Old Navy scarf was a favorite of mine from my junior year of college. I had semi-forgotten about it, until I was going through my closet last week (part of my simplify goal of 2015). I remembered how comfy, warm and colorful it is. If you see me in the next week, it is likely that I’ll be wearing the scarf.
  1. I grew up in Ohio. I grew up on Buckeye Football. I was in 6th grade when Ohio State won the National Championship. In Ohio, football is king. Then I moved to Indiana, where basketball is KING, and graduated from a university with a legacy of basketball championships. You can’t live in Indiana and be indifferent to basketball. My senior year of college, #iubb was ranked number one. The pride that the campus took in our top ranked Hoosiers highlighted the year. The past two basketball seasons have been disappointing, but on Saturday, the Hoosiers beat the ranked Buckeyes, reminding me once again, that despite my Ohio roots, I live in the basketball state. Complicating matters further, on Monday night, I will be rooting for the Buckeyes in the National Championship game.
  1. During my lazy day on Saturday, I watched some West Wing. I figured that I after two months of binge watching Gilmore Girls, I needed to switch things up. I’m glad I did. Why? Because Rob Lowe. That’s all. I could watch Rob Lowe, specifically as Sam Seaborne all day, every day. On the show, he’s a very smart, very good-looking, optimistic dreamer… Marry Me, Rob Lowe.
  1. I’m not usually a beer girl. I like it, but usually prefer a sweet wine or a fun fruity cocktail. However, this weekend, I bought the Leinenkugel Winter Sampler Pack and fell in love with the Cranberry Ginger Shandy. It was sweet and wheaty, but with some ginger. I highly recommend it for people who are fruity beer fans.

I hope your week is off to great start and full of warm winter clothes to keep you warm during this brutal weather!



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