Monday Lovin’

Yesterday my day started with one of my best friends handing me coffee in a Happy Birthday mug and it ended with a celebratory glass of wine after working out with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. It was a full day. It was the perfect 24th birthday. I live such a rich life that taking time to thank God for all that He has given me almost makes my heart explode. I am excited to start this week as a 24 year old, and even more excited to see what this year will bring. This week I could go on and on about what I’m lovin’, but I decided to limit myself and just share a couple.

  1. My parents got me a new pair of running shoes for my birthday. I went on my first outdoor run with them on Saturday and I love them! New running shoes are so bouncy, and I ran my fastest 5 miles ever. They are also gray with bright pink; I’ve learned over he years that fun work out clothes make me enjoy exercising even more.
  2. Kilroy’s is my favorite Bloomington bar, followed closely by The Vid. This year as part of my birthday festivities, we went to The Vid. They may make the best Amaretto Sours, and I enjoy playing darts and enjoying time with my friends. Fun fact: 3 out of the last 4 years my birthday festivities have involved time at The Vid. I like traditions and being able to recall specific moments at places over the years. Time in Bloomington is like looking through a life-sized scrapbook, full of vivid memories that have shaped me into the person I am today.
  3. The moments that have shaped me would be nothing without the friends who have walked through life with me. I loved feeling celebrated by friends near and far this weekend.
  4. My closet is an example of my addictive personality. I get on a kick and then I can’t stop shopping for it. Examples: Coach bags, North Face, Patagonia, ballet flats, statement necklaces and now puffer vests. My new red and black gingham puffer vest from J.Crew Factor is one of my new favorite things. I wanted patiently for it to go on sale and luckily they still had my size. It came just in time for me to wear it on Saturday night. I am making strides towards simplifying my life starting first with my closet and while I’ve made progress, I could not resist the gingham puffer.
  5. My senior year of college, I lived in this picture perfect Bloomington house that was nicknamed, The Dollhouse. I loved the house and I loved my roommates even more. In 2 months three of us are having a reunion in Texas, complete with a night at the rodeo! I am very excited to catch up with them and make new memories with two of my best friends!

So much to love, such a rich life. I am thankful for the discipline of gratitude in the midst of cold winters and seemingly long weeks.



With a great friend at The Vid on our two year “Frieniversary!” Look at that puffer vest 🙂

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