Monday Lovin’


Thankfully it is the last Monday of February. These bitter cold temperatures are killing me, and making it difficult to be creative with the clothes in my closet. I’m ready to be able to wear dresses and skirts without tights and sandals instead of boots. I can handle the cold weather through February, but into March and I start to say, “I can’t even.” It better not snow into April this year. After taking a brief break from Monday Lovin’ last week, I’m excited to share with you the things I’m enjoying right now.

1. Indianapolis does not do a good job plowing the streets when it snows, but the Monon Trail gets cleared pretty well. After 7 miles on the dreadmill last Saturday, I ventured outside for 8 miles yesterday. Even though we got at least 3 inches of snow on Saturday, I was beyond thankful that the Monon was pretty clear. It was a bit chillier than I prefer to run in, but it was better than running inside.

2. Lazy days are my favorite. Two in a row and I can tend to go stir crazy, but yesterday, after church, a Target run and my run outside, I showered and then laid on the couch all afternoon. I had a chance to make some food for the week and treats for work today. I am learning how to rest, and yesterday’s rest involved lots of West Wing, coffee and comfy clothes.

3. The West Wing’s season 3 has some of my favorite (and in my opinion, best) episodes of television. I binged watched them today, falling back in love with some of my favorite television characters. I like the witty banter of Gilmore Girls, but West Wing is sharp, smart and oh so good.


4. My new Sorel snow boots have been keeping my feet warm and dry during these arctic days. I’m excited to have them, especially since Indiana has been getting snow each week the past couple winters.

5. I spent a lot of time sitting around a table with good friends this weekend. Some were old, some were new, but I am convinced that we’re not meant to walk this life alone. Important conversations happen in relationship. It is one thing to put something on Facebook, but to share your story through relationship and to listen to others share, is to be able to begin understanding. I am thankful to have friends a lot like me, and to have friends very different from me. Being in relationship with all types of people helps me see the world differently; it strengthens and challenges my beliefs in a healthy way.

I am thankful for another week. I hope your week is awesome!

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