Monday Lovin’

I spent this past weekend in Houston, Texas with two of my college roommates/sorority sisters. These two girls are probably the silliest and happiest people I know! They’re high energy, vivacious and Jesus loving. When the three of us are together, there’s rarely a dull or silent moment. I loved reconnecting with them and having SO much fun laughing about the most random things!

1) There are few things I like more than hanging out on a college campus. The energy is like none other. We spent time in Rice Village, shopping at the boutiques and checking out coffee shops. Loved it!


2) I firmly believe there is no such thing as too much Mexican food. This weekend I ate something Mexican or Tex Mex for almost every meal because it’s what you do when you’re in Texas! My favorite? Breakfast tacos. Pork carnitas tacos were a close second.


3) Spring time in Texas is WARM. Houston is humid, but they also have palm trees. Who knew? This was our view as we sat out by the pool (not in swim suits) for a little bit. As a summer girl, my heart was happy feeling hot sun on my legs.


4) The best kind of friendships grow as you grow. It is always so encouraging to reconnect with my friends from college. (In case you don’t know: college produced almost all of my best friends.) We still laugh about the same memories re-telling stories that we have already told a hundred times, but make new ones. I almost dropped out of recruitment several times and then almost didn’t go through the Phi period, thinking my life would be simpler without being in a sorority. It may have been simpler, but man, it would have lacked so much depth and my college experience would have been so different. I love that my friendship with Kaitlin and Kelsey has allowed me to grow, with constant encouragement along the way.


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