Monday Lovin’

I’m halfway done with 6 straight days of work in retail, the first three of which were a weekend. That’s not always fun, and even though I’ll work 40 hours in the next three days, it’s a good Monday. In case you haven’t realized by now, my mood largely depends on the weather outside. And the 10-day forecast is looking positive, so this Monday does not feel as dreary. I love warm weather and spring clothes.

  1. I watched Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk last week. If you haven’t watched it, it is well worth the 22 minutes. She was my age when the sex scandal broke. I’ve never involved in a sex scandal, and hope never to be, but I know that being 24 is hard. She was so young. Youth does not excuse poor judgment, and she takes full responsibility for what occurred, but the way the media handled the situation is shameful. The scandal was one of the first to ever break online instead of radio, newspaper or television, and as we’ve seen the years since, the internet is unpatrolled and dangerous. As I have continued to reflect on her talk, I’ve found it ironic that the internet has made us self-absorbed, which has led to increased insecurity. Out of that insecurity, we try to shame others. Hurt people hurt people.
  1. My addictive personality means that once I start to like something, it can sometimes turn into all that I want. Like food. Chick Fil-A has been one of my favorite things as of late. I have it at least once a week. I love that it is real food, quick and also relatively inexpensive. Even three years working for the company can’t scare me away. When I was in college, at the end of a long week, I would treat myself to Chick Fil-A for dinner on a Thursday. At that point, I had to go to the mall to get it, and yet it was worth it every time. Now I’m thankful to live so close to a store that has a drive thru. My current favorite is an Original Chick Fil-A Sandwich with CFA Sauce.
  1. While I do not work directly with kids at MLJ, I work with kids. Which means that I have fun with kids names. Sometimes too much fun. Nameberry is a current obsession! It allows me to look at the names that other people are searching at any time, and that can turn into mocking. Clementine, really? But it is a fun break from the serious work.
  1. Florals and stripes. Give me all of them. I love spring style! I love layering with bright colors. I love mixing prints together and mixing colors. I just planned out a few outfits over the next couple weeks, and I’m hoping the weather cooperates. I also moved some of the winter clothes so that I can more easily look through the items I can wear (and want to wear) right now. See my new favorite scarf obsession below and at Old Navy.


I hope your week is full of sunshine and fun spring outfits! Easter is this coming weekend, how special! I hope this week God draw you near to Himself. I love this season, on Sunday we will be singing, He is risen!

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