Monday Lovin’

It was an excellent weekend! And not in the traditional sense traveling from event to event, jamming it full with people, but in a restful, fighting for a slower pace kind of way. I am ready to face Monday, and a new challenge. I cannot believe that by the end of the week, it will be May; I’m in denial, but SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!

  • Harvest Bible Chapel North Indy celebrated its first Sunday in our new building yesterday. It was one of the coolest moments I have ever been able to be a part of in my walk with God. God is faithful! It is beautiful to see what happens when a church body steps out in faith, gives of themselves and watches God for the results. I bawled like a baby yesterday morning as we worshipped God in our new sanctuary. We are not a perfect church because we are not perfect people, but we serve a perfectly holy God.
  • Fitness Blender is an awesome YouTube station full of free workout videos. You can choose from short, HIIT workouts to hour long fat burning workouts, or target workouts for specific muscle groups. As my half marathon training is over, and I try to do cross training instead of just running, these workout videos give me lots of options without even leaving my apartment.
  • My new leopard print sandals may be one of my favorite things in my closet right now (which is not saying as much as of yesterday evening). They are funky and very easy to wear. I cannot wait to show them off all summer long! One of the best parts is that they were only $23 with my employee discount and 50% off everything at J.Crew Factory.


  • Over the past few months, I’ve felt an increased desire to focus on the things that matter most. I can get so stressed by the minutia of my days that I lose sight of my purpose and where my priorities should be. While I do not consider myself overly materialistic, my closet has become a huge distraction for me. So, last night I did one of the scariest and most freeing things ever – I packed away 75% of my clothes, leaving only 50 items. Over the next 8 weeks (May and June), I will be wearing only these 50 items to work and on the weekends*. At the end of June, I’ll re-evaluate, potentially getting rid of some of the items that I packed away. I want to focus on the good stuff in my life, strive towards contentment and remember where my hope is – in Christ, not in never repeating outfits. For more reading on this, the term is Capsule Wardrobe, but I’ve given myself much freedom – others go full seasons with only 30 items.


I’ll be back on the blog on Thursday, taking about hope and fear. I’m learning over and over again that when you refuse to let fear have a place in your thought life, you create space for better things! I pray that your week is full of sunshine and space to do the things you care most about.

*The 50 items do not include shoes, scarves or accessories. I’ll be doing my best to not shop during the next 8 weeks, as well, but I don’t want to make a commitment to spend no money on clothes because that will only make shopping more tempting.

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