Monday Lovin’

This weekend kicked off a full month of fun, with only one weekend that will be spent in Indianapolis. Which is good, but I am slightly tired just thinking about it. A friend and I drove to Cincinnati on Friday to see Beth Moore speak live. We also spent time with my family and had great conversations in the car.

  1. Beth Moore was phenomenal! I cannot speak highly enough of the chance to see her live. The love Jesus demonstrates towards us is scandalous. From the very beginning. This past week in discipleship, we discussed the birth of Christ and how the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. A woman pregnant out of wedlock. Scandal. Beth said this weekend, “We’re often too well behaved for our Bibles.” God’s story is powerful, full of adventure and drama, only the good kind of course. He doesn’t demand good behavior out of me, He demands faith, which is harder, and may be less defined. May I be brave enough to follow God in faith, wherever that may lead.
  2. My mom is doing a switcheroo of rooms at their house. Which means that my old bedroom furniture is being sold. When I was at home this weekend, I went through a lot of mementos that she had pulled of drawers in order to decide what to keep and what could go. I relived high school memories with a college and post-grad best friend. Favorites: my bright pink stilettos worn to senior homecoming, a water gun from junior year of college and key chains from several Asian vacation destinations collected while we lived overseas. I am thankful for such special memories.
  3. I love Myers-Briggs. The host of a podcast that I’ve started listening to is obsessed with Myers-Briggs, too, which has encouraged me to retest myself. This long-time ENFJ is actually an ENFP. It has been enlightening to realize that the way I process information can be draining. ENFPs are often the wide-view lens and able to make connections across many different things, but they also can’t turn their brains off. I highly recommend the test at 16 Personality Types.

This evening has been full of Matt Kearney music, book reading, tea drinking and couch laying. So good. It’s the ordinary moments that cultivate such deep gratitude in my heart. 

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