Monday Lovin’

I’ve lived in my apartment for just over 2 years, so I forgot just how intense moving can be. This weekend involved packing, coordinating with my new roommates to drop boxes off, unpacking boxes at the new house and cleaning. It has taken over my life. The official move date isn’t even until next Saturday. Lord, give me strength. In order to distract from the craziness of moving, I’m sharing what I’m loving right now.

  1. I don’t do well with season changes. It’s taken me years to realize that as the temperatures cool down or warm up, I slide into a little bit of a funk. My body and emotions feel heavy constantly. I compare it to mild seasonal depression, but instead of it lasting a season, it’s just a few weeks. As the weather evens out and settles into a new normal, I, too, stabilize. I know this about myself, thankfully. So what’s a girl to do when the weeks are hard? Starbucks. While I significantly cut back on my Starbucks consumption over the summer, I don’t need it just for the caffeine, but for a little reward. I made it through another day of transition, so yay!
  2. Saturday morning’s weather was dreary so my plan of a long run outside changed. After a short indoor workout, I headed to Target. In my group of friends, I’ve trademarked Target Adventures. They’re basically trips to Target with no agenda, just wandering through the aisles, thinking and dreaming. Since I’m moving, it was fun to walk up and down aisles thinking about rooms at the new place, but not letting myself buy anything immediately.
  3. Fall brings football. I wait all year to spend Sundays on the couch watching football. It’s basically the best. The Colts are off to a rough start, but hopefully they can rebound tonight.
  4. IMG_4630Our church has our first social event in our new building. On the church property, there is a silo left over from when the land was a farm. On Sunday night, we had a Social at the Silo. It was a blast to see our church family together. I loved spending time with two of my friends. We ate a lot of food and got to catch up on life. We ended the evening with 17 baptisms. Such a celebration!

I’m starting this Monday with anticipation for what this week holds. We have our first meeting for my November trip to India, I’m starting a Bible Study on 1 John and moving the rest of my stuff to the new place.

Have a great week!

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