Weekend Wrap-Up

It was one of those weekends that was so full of my favorite thing – connecting with others – that I can hardly believe that it’s Monday already.

One of my favorite parts of living in Indianapolis, and I’ve said this over and over again, is that so many of my college friends ended up settling here, too. While some were best friends since the beginning of my college career, others were friends I met later on and post-college has strengthened our friendship. This weekend was a reminder of the sweetness of long-lasting, honest friendships.

img_7344Friday was pizza night, wine and time with one of my favorite families. Is there anything better than baby snuggles and giggles? Six hours of good questions, selfies and yummy treats was perfect! Fun fact: If you invite me over for pizza, or I offer to bring you food, I’ll likely show up with a Trader Joe’s paper bag with a frozen pizza, wine, and either a bag of lettuce or something sweet.


Saturday’s adventure was the Penrod Art Fair! The grass was squishy because of all the rain and it was muggy, but so fun. Artists amaze me. It takes guts to create something and then display it for all to see, and hopefully buy. The Penrod Art Fair is especially fun because of the diversity of the art on display – paintings, jewelry, pottery and even clothing. Local restaurants also set up booths. This city has stolen my heart, bit by bit.img_7345

This weekend, I did all my meal prep on Saturday. Spaghetti squash and green beans on
the grill and quinoa salad are all on the menu for meals this week. It takes time, but chopping vegetables has become a favorite task of mine.

A pretty low key day and evening was necessary for Saturday because Sunday was FULL. Church, the MLJ Adoptions’ picnic and then Harvest’s Social at the Silo made for lots of connecting, but also one tired extrovert. I think that the MLJ Adoptions’ picnic has always been a highlight of my job and this year was no different. So many smiling kiddos, watching families connect and picture-perfect weather made my heart almost explode. It’s truly a privilege to have my life intersect with so many amazing families’ stories.


Harvest North Indy celebrated its NINE YEAR anniversary this weekend! Wow! Our pastor kicked off our tenth ministry year with a message, the first of four, called “Be The Church.” He exhorted us to “not just attend church, but BE the church.” I’m excited to see that unpacked in the next three weeks.

I set two goals at the beginning of September:

  1. Run 40 miles throughout the month
  2. Do yoga three times a week

Saturday morning started with four miles on the treadmill (I died) and Sunday evening ended with some yoga. I’m also trying to write more this fall, so be on the lookout for some new blogs!

Other favorites of the weekend: the book, What’s Best Next and Indian food from Indian Garden in Broad Ripple.


Happy Monday!

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