Weekend Wrap-Up

Most years December hits and I spend most of the month feeling like I’m not quite there yet. There are Christmas gifts to buy or plans to be made or work Christmas cards to mail. Then, instead of actually focusing my energy on accomplishing the tasks, I spend mental energy feeling guilty.

For some reason this year is different.

I could say that it’s because I bought Christmas present earlier, or because I’ve been more organized, or maybe I’m more self-aware, so I built better margins into my day, but the truth is, I don’t know what’s been different.

I’m so thankful for the difference because of a weekend like this weekend. We hosted our annual holiday party – Christmas at the Bungalow – on Saturday and then Sunday was bookended with church activities. I could be all there, fully present, looking for the opportunities, because I had the energy and capacity to be engaged.


Fifty people filled our house for the party on Saturday night. This is my fourth Christmas in Indianapolis, and all three of my roommates have been here for several years, too. We love seeing our house full of new and old friends!

If you’re looking for a drink to serve at a holiday party, look no further than this Cranberry Vanilla Mimosa. It hit the spot!

Every church should do two things during the Christmas season: a photo booth in the lobby and Christmas caroling through neighborhoods. Both have made our church feel much smaller, more like a family, this year.


I consistently babysit the same family, and have been able to really get to know the kids. It’s so fun to build a relationship with them and see their unique personalities. We took our pictures in the photo booth on Sunday morning, and it was a reminder of the ways we can build friendships that span years. That’s the Body of Christ! That’s the family of God!


Later in the day, my small group joined another small group for Christmas Caroling. We went door to door in a neighborhood where members of our church live. We started the evening with snacks and yummy food before bundling up and heading out. I loved watching members of my church interact with their neighbors, and it was also such a good opportunity to spend time with one another. Truly, it was so, so fun!

I’m thankful for a memorable weekend with friends I love!



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