Monday Lovin’

Happy Monday! I’ve been busy doing and reading all the things. My mind has been moving a million miles a minute, but here’s the fun part – I’ll be sharing all the things with you!

  1. Two weeks ago, I went on a mini-spring break with my best friend. We drove from Indianapolis to Tybee Island, right off the coast of Savannah. We rented a condo via VRBO and rested for three days. It was the BEST. The weather wasn’t super hot, but we enjoyed plenty of time on the beach. Note: We learned that sunscreen expires the HARD way.

Our favorite restaurant on the island was Huc-A-Poos. It was very affordable, super chill and so yummy!

  1. When I was in Tybee Island, I was able to read. A lot. Both books I read were related to freedom, so it’s no surprise that I love them both. I read Shannan Martin’s Falling Free and Rebekah Lyons’ You Are Free. I highly recommend both. These authors are fantastic at telling stories and giving insights. Both of these authors have been on Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour, and I recommend both interviews.
  1. I recently made a purchase from Gray Monroe. It’s an online boutique full of feminine clothing. I’m all about supporting women who own their own businesses, and Gray Monroe gives me that opportunity. I was also very impressed with their customer service. I LOVE this kimono, and it’s even prettier in person.
  2. MLJ Adoptions facilitates a summer hosting program for children from Ukraine. It’s become one of my favorite things that we do! The list of children who are participating this summer was just finalized and I’m beyond excited that these sweet children will be able to be part of a family for a period of time this summer.
  3. I know, I know, you may get sick of me talking about my favorite Younique stuff, but man, Suckerpunched lip stain is my new FAVORITE thing in the whole wide world. It’s A LOT of color, but I feel very strongly that any woman can wear color! (I guess it makes me a little bit bossy, too.)

I hope your Monday was full of the good stuff!

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