Easter Sunday

In a season of uncertainty, I feel like I am waiting for things to fall into place. Just this weekend, I’ve watched several things fall into their said places, the “big” stuff is still coming. Easter has hit me very hard this year. I’ve been on the verge of tears as I contemplate Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Because my life feels like it’s stuck on Saturday. Good Friday has already happened, but Sunday is tomorrow. And when it’s Saturday, Sunday feels so far away. I’m waiting and hoping that death is not the end and that Jesus’ words will be right and He will be rised from the dead, but there’s a small seed of doubt. What if Jesus doesn’t show up on Sunday? What if I’m right to be a skeptic? With my back up against a wall, will Jesus show up?

Today is Easter Sunday. Today I celebrate that Jesus was and is who He said He was. Today the tomb is empty and Christ is victorious. Today the skeptics are made believers and doubts are put to death. Today I’m reminded that Saturday’s waiting and hoping is not in vain.

I might still be stuck on Saturday in my heart, but instead of doubting in my waiting, I can hope. I can trust. God will do as God has done. God comes into hopeless situations and inserts Himself into the story, saying, “Don’t worry, I’m coming back, and the best is yet to come.” Sunday is better than Saturday. This next season will be great, but only a shadow of the season after life in heaven. So here’s to hoping with the full knowledge that Sunday will come; resurrection is the ultimate victory, and I get to live in it. Lord Jesus- come reminding me of the victory you’ve won and that I get to live in it. I get to live in the reality of a King who died and rose again, defeating death and reminding me that the best is yet to come.

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