Incredibly Beautiful and Powerful

Leaving Chicago has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, in my life. I’ve never experienced something as beautiful as the community on summer project, we were all working towards a common goal, and bearing each other’s burdens along the way. I’m continuing to process in my time before I head back to school, and the one thing I keep clinging to is that I leave Chicago a changed person. God grown me so much, and made Himself much more known to me than I thought possible. He has reminded me that He is as beautiful as the Psalms describe Him. He is incredible as the miracles Jesus performs. He is as powerful as the One who raised Jesus from the dead. His incredible beauty and power are at work on me each day growing me to the next level of maturity and intimacy with Him.

Because God has done so much work on my heart, I’ve been able to deal with uncertainty in a much healthier way than I did last summer. Unpacking and re-packing all my stuff has been fun and life-giving, not full of anxiety and tear-inducing. This is not a matter of anything I’ve done, it’s just remembering where my security is and what defines me. Yes, this coming year may be difficult, but God is faithful, He will come through again and again. I’m nervous about money this year because I didn’t work this summer, but as I journaled tonight, I thanked God for all the ways He showed up this summer and remembered that He’s the same God always. He will provide, all I have to do is step out in faith and wait for Him to save the day. This is evidence of God’s work in my life. He is faithful. And I have a summer project family to remind me of the work that’s been done in my life in the past 3 months when I forget how generous He is.

I have changed, but He has not. I simply get the pleasure of falling more and more in love with Him daily, with reflecting on His character and the blessings He poured out on me and my friends this summer. Please pray for my heart as I transition back to school, that I remember that He is my solid rock, He is the ultimate provider, He will always be enough.


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