Scars are scary. A wound heals, but leaves behind a little reminder of the pain. When a wound is fresh, it hurt, it bleeds, and there are visible signs of suffering. It is usually the direct result of a mistake, a sin, or someone’s poor decision. When a wound is healing, there is still pain and discomfort. By the time a scar arrives, the bleeding is done and we think the healing is complete, however, as I’ve learned, there’s usually much more healing to be done. Wounds are easy, the pain can be explained, but with scars, the pain is internal and often not visible to anyone else.

Several events in my life have left me with scars. They were dramatic when they occurred – they bled and physically healed. The physical healing process was painful. At times it required humbling myself, confrontation, fasting or intense prayer. In the past, I have tricked myself into thinking that because the wound could not bleed again the pain was gone. Lie. Scars remind us of the pain. Scars can also serve as a protection from God. In my life they have said, “this level is healing is done, but the process is not over; there is still more to be done, but in due time, when you can handle it.” The scars can still cause pain. Some hurt is never completely resolved until heaven. Yes, we are constantly being made new by the power of Christ. Yes, God does not want us to carry around burdens. Yes, Jesus has freed us from sin by the power of His death. But, some of the pain remains. It hides. It may not, and probably does not, affect us on an everyday basis, but in due time, God reminds us of the scars. He reminds us of our sin, our mistakes, or other people’s decisions. He does not do this out of desiring us to hurt, but instead to lead to the next level of healing.

Scars are scary, but they are nothing to be afraid of. God can easily contend with our sin, mistakes, or other people’s decisions. He desires to heal us completely, and to lead us to Him and His never-ending love. He will redeems our scars and we will be remade, but part of that requires a process and much patience. Some pain is so deeply rooted in our identity that as we lose ourselves more in Christ, the scars and pain become more apparent. Scars are reminders of where we have come from and also where we are going. We are coming from a world where we must carry our own sin, mistakes and often the sin of others, into a place where the God of the universe frees us from these things. He desires for us to live in freedom – freedom to experience the fullness of life. Often times the scars are just to show us all the healing the Lord has done in our lives. He is the ultimate redeemer and healer. He makes all things new.

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