Tempted to be Passive

Right around this time of year, I get tempted to do one of two things. I either want to mentally check out and cruise through finals, or I try to cram everything I can into 7 weeks. This semester I only have 2 papers in the next 4 weeks, I can use the time I’ll not spend studying sleeping and being lazy, or I can wait patiently for the Lord to direct my time. If I decided to be lazy, I would take naps, watch movies and hang out with friends until the wee hours of the night. I would also have plenty of time to do things I wanted to do, when I wanted to do them. I would be passive. But, I promised the Lord this semester I’d make the most of the opportunities He’d given me. That doesn’t end halfway through the semester.

The second option, choosing to let the Lord be in control is more difficult. Especially because I’m not feeling directed somewhere. I feel very content with where I am and fairly uncertain where I’m headed. It is hard to not feel lazy when I’m not moving because I don’t know where I’m headed. That’s a lie, I know where I’m headed this summer – Chicago. I know where I’m headed next year – back to Phi Mu. I just don’t know what God wants me doing for the next 7 weeks. But this I do know – I have wonderful friends and amazing people in my life and I desire to be in community with them. I want the Lord to use me to bring them closer to Him.

This semester I told God I didn’t want to miss opportunities that He presented me with. I wanted to be where I’m at and be joyful there. God showed up. I love my community, I love my sisters and I love my classes. While Satan will tempt me the next 4 weeks with laziness and passivity, I pray that the Lord continues to use me. That I continue to run full force ahead towards Him and know that when I’m running towards Him, I will always be running in the right direction. I pray that in the last 7 weeks of school, I fall more in love with Jesus and can encourage those around me to do the same.

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