This Past Week

This past week I’ve taken two big faith steps. I decided to run for vice president in Phi Mu and I applied for a summer internship. The first one was a huge decision because it was last minute and it is very unusual for someone in my pledge class to run for a position. For me, the decision came from two places – a desire to serve Phi Mu and a desire to trust God outside my comfort zone. After I made the decision, I kept trying to rationalize myself out of it. I would say, what if no one comes along to lead Greek ministry next year, or, do I really have time for this? And yes, I do have time, and as for Greek ministry, I’ll still be involved, you couldn’t pull me away from that, but do I trust that God is big enough to raise up a female leader? Well, we’ll see. In my head I believe it. All day on Tuesday I heard God saying, “when you come to end of yourself and your abilities, I get to show up”. This semester I’ve been very content in myself and my abilities, I’ve watched God do some neat things, but this is an opportunity to watch Him show up. I’m confident that He’s going to show up to me, and to the Greek movement; I can’t wait to see what He has up His sleeve. We’ll see what happens with elections, but I’m excited at the opportunity to even run for exec in my chapter.

For the past year I haven’t been able to picture myself doing anything after college except for interning with Cru. I have no idea where I would intern (well I would really consider 3 places), but I’m pretty sure I’ll give a year to the Lord in full-time ministry with Cru in a year and a half. This summer I really wanted to go back to Chicago, but felt the Lord calling me home or internationally.  The past two months, I’ve been battling some sin that made me realize that going internationally probably wouldn’t be a good idea, so came the decision to go back to Mason, Ohio for the summer. After a phone call with my mom on Saturday, I decided to pursue an internship with Back2Back Ministries in their home office in Mason. Part of me was fearful of making this decision because I’m so sure that I want to work for Cru, but I decided to trust God and take a step of faith. Five days later, I’ve filled out an application and have an interview set up for over Christmas Break. Once again, God is proving to be faithful.

In the midst of big decisions, running around getting ready for the first round of recruitment, and trying to finish this semester strong academically, I’m praising God that He is in control, He is working all things for my good and that His plan is far better than mind. I’m thankful for this week reminding of these truths.

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