All is Grace


The sunset on Wednesday took my breath away. Life is chaos, any day my heart is feeling a million different emotions, sometimes all at the same time. And yet, as I pulled into the Keystone Mall parking garage after driving one mile from my apartment to work, I gazed up at the sky and felt like God had painted it just for me. I cannot change the chaos of my life right now, so I drink in moments of grace, moments when the sky feels like it’s painted just for me. I rest in a God who creates beauty for His children to enjoy.

J.Crew’s December Style Guide came in the mail yesterday. I spent ten minutes of my shift going through it and getting excited. SO. MUCH. FUN. STUFF! Knowing that the next 6 weeks will call for some long days which lead to long weeks, I let myself bounce with excitement over some new clothes for the store, new layouts and new customers. At the end of a long week in the middle of December, I’ll be able to look back on my excitement and giggle. A moment of grace, enjoyment in the job I’m doing and the relationships I’m building in a season of lots of work.

Thursday night’s small group, studying Hebrews 3 and talking through if a person can loose their salvation, ended with girl time – prayer and accountability. As a new friend prayed over me, here was that word again – grace. Not knowing how God is using the word grace in my life right now, she prayed grace over me. Grace towards myself in a situation where my head and my heart aren’t quite in agreement.

Inhale grace, exhale grace. In all things grace. I serve a God who brings grace into chaos. The chaos that stems from navigating this thing called life could drown me, and yet grace saves me. I don’t have to figure it all out, I just have to take the next step, guided by God. Grace in the ordinary and mundane. Grace in sixty hour work weeks, grace in retail life, grace when it seems like I have nothing left to give, grace in exhaustion. Grace abounds. Grace never runs out.

October is over and will go down in history as one of my favorite months because of how God moved in my life to teach me about grace. I am desperate for more grace. Grace to guide, grace to strengthen and grace to fill. Even though the month is over, I’m still learning. All is grace.

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