Monday Lovin’

It’s Monday and there’s snow on the ground. If it has to be Monday and winter weather, I like that there’s snow on the ground. At least I like it right now, in January I may be cursing the snow, but I today I think it’s magical. Winter is has arrived and is bringing with it fresh snow to usher in the holiday season.

Speaking of the holiday season, it’s HERE! At J.Crew! I spent yesterday morning doing creative installs – when we decorate our windows. To get us in the holiday spirit, this involved ornaments bigger than me and large sequins. It brought back memories of December living in Phi Mu. Right after Thanksgiving, the house was transformed into a magical holiday mansion that smelled like apple cinnamon. I love the warmth of the holiday season! Thanksgiving and Christmas bring me joy – giddy, bounce on the balls of my feet – joy!

It’s basketball season, which as an IU grad that means one thing — #iubb is back! My senior year, IU was ranked 1 for most of the season. I have such fun memories of playing IU basketball drinking games, watching the games at Nicks, having behind the basket seats to one of the games (the infamous “Call 911, Will Sheehey stole my heart” sign), beating Michigan who was ranked #1 at the time, watching the game at a roof top bar on spring break, and lots of cheesy bread (and Blue Moon). I’m realizing how nostalgic I am for college, and IU basketball being back only brings back special memories with great friends.

Working in retail has some benefits, one being that I usually know when things are on sale. The past two months I’ve really lucked out with finding things on sale or when they’re damaged. It’s a shame that it’s snowing because I am in love with the new fall jacket I just bought. It’s olive green with really pretty gold buttons. It’s also long and hooded. I like clothes, it may just be God’s grace in a season of life where I’m surrounded by them while trying to pay off my student loans.

This Monday I’m loving snow, IU basketball, and clothes. This week, as Beth Moore taught me about joy, I’m reminded that it is because of Him that I know what joy is. He gives every perfect gift. He does not withhold good things. October took it out of me and now halfway through November, I’m thankful that Jesus, not my circumstances, is the source of my joy. I pray that today is the start of a week where i will choose joy in all circumstances!

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