Monday Lovin’

I have fifty more minutes of Monday to get my Monday Lovin’ posted, and even though discipline is hard as a primary motivation, God honors showing up. So without further ado, this Monday (with the 45 minutes left in it), I’m loving…

1) My new J.Crew Abstract Fair Isle Sweater. Nice and cozy, and oh so festive! Red, pink and gray, man, I think I may be in love! I’ll be wearing it once a week for the next month, trying to get all of the use out of it until it heads back into my closet until next holiday season. Some people do summer loves, I do holiday loves… except instead of boys, they’re clothes.

2) Gift giving – I love shopping. Especially for my friends and family. It’s even better when I can find special gifts that I know that will mean a lot to the specific person. I have lots of notes to write, but just a couple more gifts to buy. December 25th is going to be here before I know it.

3) Taylor Swift’s new CD. Yes, I said it. Me and everyone else. Obsessed. Blank Space has been on repeat (3 times in a 5 mile treadmill run). Welcome to New York is also a favorite. Listen to it, it’s upbeat and poppy – exactly what I need to listen to while working holiday retail hours.

4) Family time! I cannot wait to drink mimosas, watch football and cuddle on the couches at my parents house all day on Thursday. It’s the best. We do a low-key, just the 5 of us Thanksgiving that has quickly become one of my favorite holiday traditions. We seldom spend time with just us, that I relish every moment of it.

It’s a short week, and I hope to make the most of my downtime on Thursday and Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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