Monday Lovin’

Happy Monday! It’s the last full week of work before Christmas and I could not be more excited. I cannot wait to give the gifts to my family that I’ve been collecting since September. I’m one of those weird shoppers that starts Christmas shopping in the early fall the first time I see something that someone may like. Only ten more days until gift exchange time! Monday Lovin’ this week is almost as exciting as ten days until Christmas… not really, but maybe you’ll think so!

  1. I was grocery shopping with a headache on Friday night, so my normal thought process at Kroger was not present. On a whim, I bought Zesty Cheddar Ranch Cheez-It’s. Oh my goodness, they are so good. No regrets with that purchase, although you usually cannot go wrong with Cheez-It’s. I usually try to avoid them because they are not good for you, at all, but they are one of my favorite snack foods. Yum!
  1. In 10th grade, we read To Kill A Mockingbird. I failed the test. I’ve spent the past 7 years hating the classic novel because I have terrible memories from studying it. This year, in light of the Ferguson trial, and injustice in general, I’ve picked up the book again. I love the characterization. My bad memories are being replaced with fascination.
  1. I left church yesterday with the biggest smile on my face. I spent the summer I lived at home praying for a church body to join, not knowing what city I would end up in, or the type of church it would be. Eighteen months later, I continue to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and I delight in the ways He answered the prayers. Despite being a fast growing church and from a church fellowship known for producing megachurches, Harvest Bible Chapel North Indy feels truly like a church family to me. I am so encouraged watching others walk with Jesus, give sacrificially and take the great commission seriously. I’ve learned that church is so much more than what the preacher teaches from the pulpit on Sunday morning, it’s a community, a family.
  1. Starbucks is doing 15 days of Christmas for Gold Card members. I love it. I got 5 bonus stars yesterday just for buying a Christmas drink, since that was the promotion of the day. I’m that much closer to a free drink, which are the BEST. I love being rewarded for spending money!
  1. The New Year is almost here. I’m so excited for 2015 and have been thinking through and praying through some goals. I cannot wait to share them in the next couple weeks.

Another crazy week kicks off today. Retail working and holiday season don’t combine super well, but I’m thankful for another week.

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