Monday Lovin’

It’s the second to last Monday of 2014. Where did the year go? Something about the year ending and something else beginning makes me a little sentimental… who am I kidding? I’m always sentimental. I wish I could say all my Christmas presents were wrapped and I was packed for vacation, but sadly, I’m not. So before I procrastinate any further, here are the things I’m loving as this week kicks off.

1. I thought I was going to send Christmas cards this year. I mailed probably 10 out of the 20 that I intended to write and send. Snaps to my friends who sent all of theirs! The side of our fridge is covered with Christmas cards. I love seeing the photos of my friends from all over the world, that they’ve sent me this holiday season. It’s a great reminder of all the special people I have in my life. Plus, it livens up our kitchen!

2. Also on the topic of friendship, the 2nd Annual Christmas at the Crossing was on Friday night. Christmas at the Crossing is our apartment’s Christmas party. It is the best feeling to be in a room, celebrating Christmas, eating great food and drinking fun drinks with some of your best college friends. Every get together almost prompts me to send Cru a thank you note – “Thanks for my life-long best friends” is what it would read. I got ready with two of my best girl friends and then just spent good time with friends the rest of the night. Some days I wish I could back and relive my last two years of college, but Friday night was a reminder that what I have now is even better.

Christmas at the crossing 20143. I like Chipotle. I love Chipotle when it’s dinner on my break during holiday season. It seriously hit the spot tonight.

4. I’m not the most organized person. As a recovering perfectionist, I give myself grace for this. However, I love outfit planning. I sit down at the beginning of the week, with the weather predictions and my schedule, and I plan my outfits. It saves stress in the mornings, and helps me to wear more of what is in my closet. It also prevents me from buying something midweek at work because, “I have nothing to wear.”

I’m excited for two days of work this week and then Christmas vacation! I haven’t had 5 days off since this summer, and we’re traveling to Seattle this week to meet our family’s latest addition. Happy Holidays!

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