Monday Lovin’

It is July 13th and I’m posting my first blog post of the month, which breaks my heart. I love to write. I like the pounding of my fingers on the keyboard, and the discplines it cultivates in me to write consistently. When I unintentionally take a hiatus from writing, I start to believe the lie that I since I haven’t been writing consistently, I should not try to start again now. When I hear friends repeat this same lie to me about working out, I chuckle because we all know it’s not true, while it’s hard to start, and even harder to start again, if it’s something that is important to you and helps you be more you, you should always start again. Always. So I’m back today, with Monday Lovin’, nothing terribly exciting, but just like running, you have to put one foot in front of the other and start moving.

1. My clean eating roommates are wearing off on me. I have been grocery shopping weekly, meal planning and absolutely loving the way that real food makes me feel. meal planning also makes eating throughout the week more fun. The temptation to eat out decreases when I am looking forward to my packed lunch in the fridge!

2. I hit the jackpot at Target’s clearance section over the weekend. Two bathing suit separates for $6.86 each. I haven’t bought a full priced swimsuit all year, and probably wouldn’t. It helps that I love to mix and match, and sometimes don’t even care if the bottom and top completely match. I love finding great deals, especially on fun things right before vacation.

3. I can’t stop reading lately. Saturday, my roommates were away and read almost all day long. I’ve read some good books, and some ones that are harder to get through. Currently on my bed side table: The Me You Want To Be (John Ortberg), Savor (Shauna Niequist) and No Man Is An Island (Thomas Merton) — I recommend all three! They all address some similar themes, which makes it fun to read at the same time.

The more perfectly we are ourselves the more we are able to contribute to the good of the Whole Church of God.

-Thomas Merton


4. I spent the 4th of July in Chicago. Fun fact about Caitlin: I’ve only ever spent the 4th in two places: Bethany Beach, DE and Chicago, IL. For real. Last weekend we had so much fun renting bikes and doing our own bike tour, eating good food, visiting Binny’s, going to the beach, and watching the fireworks from a speed boat off of Navy Pier. I left the city with a full heart; thankful for yet another weekend of making memories with sweet friends.

5. It’s easy to make fun of people who use selfie sticks to take photographs of themselves. Until you use one yourself. My selfie stick allowed us to document every stop on our Chicago adventure last weekend. It also reminds me not to take life too seriously!

I’ll hopefully back on Thursday with reflections of my mini-capsule wardrobe experience. I hope you have an excellent week!

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