Monday Lovin’

July was a full month. Full of the beautiful and rich, but also full of the scary and uncertain. It has been a hard summer to get into a routine, which is why the writing has been so inconsistent. So I’m choosing to show up today, on Monday with an update about what I’m lovin’.

  1. TJ Maxxx: I LOVE to shop! I can spend money almost anywhere. But more than buying new things, I love the shopping experience. I enjoy walking around, seeing what options exist and trying on fun things. Plus, the prices are even better!
  1. Friends: Lots and lots of Friends. When life is heavy, I need some light television to unwind. Friends has been a perfect way to occupy my mind. Note for the wise: Friends is hard television show to watch while working out – it’s double duty on your abs.
  1. Sweet potatoes: My roommate introduced me to sweet potatoes. Cut into bite sized pieces, add olive oil, salt and pepper and cook at 400 for at least 20 minutes/until they’re soft. They’re filling, cheap and a great addition to any meal. I’m always looking for new food staples.
  1. Reading: All the books. I want them. Half Priced Books and Amazon have been favorites this summer as I’ve tried to fill myself up with good stuff. I’ll put out a list of my favorite books of the summer later this month, since the summer isn’t really over yet, even though all the kids are headed back to school.

I’m hoping to write more this month, so hopefully I’ll be back on Thursday with some thoughts.


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