Monday Lovin’: Fall Fashion


September is here with it’s cooler temperatures and breeze in the air. I’m a summer lover, so this transition can be difficult for me. To make it a little bit easier, I try to focus on the fun stuff that fall has to offer: the ability to run in the middle of the afternoon without worrying about humidity, not looking like a crazy person when I order a hot latte at Starbucks, eating yummy soups, laying on the couch watching football and the focus of today’s blog – new clothing options. Some of my favorite fall staples are already hanging in my closet, others are sitting in my online shopping carts (the dream cart) waiting for a sale or next paycheck.

  1.  J.Crew Field Jacket: Confession time, I have the J.Crew Field Jacket in two colors and I want the third. It’s the perfect fall piece, but also transitions well into winter and back into spring. It’s a casual alternative to a blazer and a dressier version of a windbreaker. Hint: the Mossy Brown looks more like army green and goes with EVERYTHING.
  2. Flannel Shirts: Versatility is important to me. Before making a purchase, I want to make sure that the item can be worn in different settings – work, church and fun. Flannels can usually do just that. Layer them under a blazer with pearls and it’s business casual. Pair them with holey jeans and a puffer vest for a casual weekend look. Looking for a Sunday football outfit? Look no further than leggings, a flannel and riding boots; you’ll look like you made an effort, but you’ll feel like you’re in pajamas – trust me. Buffalo check flannels are fun, but my personal favorite of the season this far is this bold guy that’s already hanging in my closet.
  1. Special Occasion Dress: Even though my body does well in an a-line or fit and flare dress, I am increasingly eager to step outside my comfort zone with looser fitting dresses or a shift dress. I have enough basics in my closet, so I’m drawn to bright, bold and sometimes unlikely options. You usually can’t go wrong with Anthropologie dresses; this one is a great pattern, fun fall colors and an easy fit. While you’re over at the Anthropologie website, their sale dresses are beautiful to look at, and usually at a more affordable price point. If you’re looking for a shift dress option, this J.Crew sleeveless lace shift dress is a great investment piece. It can be worn year round and dressed up or down. I personally love the bright ocean color, but all three colors are rich and would pair well with a field jacket and riding boots. It’s a perfect dress to attend a fall wedding, and the Navy/Black color could serve double duty for the holiday season.
  1. Casual Dress: I can usually count on Old Navy for a basic fall dress each year. The dresses don’t necessarily last more than a year – the fabric doesn’t hold up, the color fades or the shape changes, but for the price, that’s usually okay for me. Old Navy’s fit and flare dresses aren’t all made equal, but this year, I found a great fit for me. The black one is my favorite, I can’t wait for all the ways I can wear it this fall and winter. Hint: wait for an Old Navy dress sale.
  2. Boots: My roommate is a big fan of booties. My legs don’t do well in them. So I wouldn’t give specific recommendations for boots, but Nordstrom and DSW both have excellent options, and I’m confident there’s something for everyone. Don’t do what I’ve done in years past and wait until December to buy boots – the good sizes will be gone, and you’ll be disappointed. Even if it feels early in the season for boots, now is the time to shop.

I’d love to hear what you’re loving this fall! What’s at the top of your list of things to buy?

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