I Almost Missed This

It’s no secret that my post-grad plan was to join staff with Cru and work in full-time ministry. My gifting, training and experience all pointed to this being a wise decision and an excellent way to serve God. After all, I once shared with my mom that I was one of the people who was going to get her hands dirty in the ministry thing, not just watch others do it. Well, the call into full-time ministry for the season right after college never came. As much as it broke my heart, I started to lean into the discomfort that came with the unknown, uncertain and unwanted.

It is important to note that in the almost three years since I graduated from college, I have continually seen God’s faithfulness. First in the three months I lived at home with my parents and now in the past two and half years I’ve lived in Indianapolis. I have story after story of a God who cares and knows better than I ever could.

And to think that I almost missed it.

I had the great privilege of speaking at IU Cru’s Gala earlier this month; it’s an event where supporters of the ministry are invited to come and hear how God is at work on the campus and in the world through the staff and students. I’m not on staff and I’m not a student anymore, so I had a unique role in the program. I was the “alumni testimony”, and I shared how IU Cru prepared me to be sent into the world to make an impact for Christ.

As I sat down to start writing what I wanted to share, I could barely make it through a paragraph without crying. God has been so faithful to me. From friendships and new clothes at J.Crew to a mission of serving the vulnerable and new skills at MLJ Adoptions and deepened college relationships and new friends in Indianapolis, God’s fingerprints have been all over this post-college season.

And I almost missed it.

I almost missed the spiritual conversations over bottles of wine.

I almost missed the trip to India where I had the opportunity to share Christ with people who had never heard.

I almost missed a cool friendship with my sweet thirteen-year-old friend at church.

I almost missed so many babysitting jobs that end with conversations with parents of kiddos at my church.

I almost missed hours on the phone each week sharing about the need for international adoption and falling in love with families who desire to meet that need.

I almost missed dropping off meals to best friends with new babies or sick parents.

I almost missed witnessing the way that God is using Harvest North Indy to reach the nations and the city to bring glory to His name.

I almost missed two years of 7AM discipleship that has equipped me to walk someone from Creation to the Cross in the Bible.

I almost missed a trip to Nicaragua and Lord-willing the Democratic Republic of Congo this spring.

I almost missed learning all about marketing and social media the hard way – by teaching myself.

I almost missed working a second job to pay off my student loans in 18 months.

Please hear me say loud and clear that if I would have joined staff with Cru, I know I would have watched God be faithful in a million other ways. I know that. But I would have missed this.

These experiences that have defined the past quarter decade of my life could have been missed if I would have been disobedient. I was so afraid of what life looked like after college that if given the choice, I probably wouldn’t have left Bloomington. Fear almost made me miss this.

When we step out against fear, we have the opportunity to watch God be faithful. The experiences will likely not be what we expected them to be. The relationships will probably be with people we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves. Our careers may take us places we never imagined we would go. All of these things are true because we serve a faithful God.

Don’t miss it. Most importantly, don’t miss Him. His fingerprints are all over your life.image1 (2)

One thought on “I Almost Missed This

  1. Caitlin, you are doing such good work with yourself and on the behalf of others. You talk about what you would have missed but I think more important how others would have missed you if you weren’t in the role you’ve take or in the places you have ended up! Hugs!


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