What I’m Reading

I’m usually reading a little bit of everything. Some fashion blogging, a lot of political chatter and usually a nonfiction book or two. Right now I’m reading A LOT of political commentary because I’m one of the few that LOVES election seasons.

What Today’s Republicans Don’t Get About Reagan, Jacob Weisberg: I had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning mostly because it was raining, but also because Donald Trump won the Nevada Caucus last night. There are no words, but Weisberg brings a new slant to the conversation. As a party that holds high being the party of Reagan, Weisberg argues that the GOP may not actually be the same party now as it was then.

Why Kesha’s Case is About More Than Just Kesha, Lena Dunham: To be completely honest, I wasn’t following the Kesha case that closely. I knew Kesha was going to court, and that’s about it. It’s election season, so I’ve been up to my eyeballs in #Marcomentum, but YIKES. Oh gosh, my heart breaks over this situation. Dunham does a good job sharing how Kesha’s court case fits into the bigger picture of male/female relationships and an industry driven by male power.

Is Consuming Less the Answer to Creating More? Allie Marie Smith: As an undisciplined writer, I sometimes wonder why I lack the desire to write or create. I think it has some to do with my schedule and my career work, but as I’ve processed through it, I’ve realized that it may also be due to the fact that I consume so much. I watch a decent amount of Netflix, I read a lot of books, and I’m in constant communication with friends. None of these are bad things, but they may take up brain space that could be used for creating and dreaming.

Congo Lets 150 Adopted Children Join Families in U.S. After 2-Year Limbo, Uriel Sinai: My only thoughts have been, “YAY!” My tenure at my job has been defined by this 2+ year shutdown. I’m thankful to be seeing some movement, but wanting MORE. I pray that by the end of 2016 ALL these adopted kiddos will be home.

David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell: Gladwell never disappoints. His unique storytelling combined with facts and arguments is fantastic. I have found it difficult to put this book down!

How I Coped With an Unexpected Pregnancy, Julia Dellitt: Because I’m fascinated by people and how they tell their stories, this was a GREAT read. While it’s hard to read as many people close to me have walked the road of infertility, it’s important to read the other side. I affirm that our feelings are our feelings; it’s what we do with our feelings where the value judgments come in.

A Colleague Drank My Breast Milk and Other Wall Street Tales, Maureen Sherry: It’s one thing to talk the talk of feminism, but it’s another to walk it. Maureen Sherry shares some “Yikes” stories of what happened to her as a woman on Wall Street. Going first is hard and lonely. I’m thankful for other women who have gone first, but we need to hear about how hard it was so that we don’t take their accomplishments for granted.

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