Weekend Wrap-Up

Another week starts again. It’s a BIG week with an election and my first of several Friendsgivings. It feels fitting that this week would begin with a BIG weekend for the Bungalow! Today I’m also sharing some of the articles, podcasts and ideas that I’ve been thinking about recently.

  • Our roommate, Mackenzie, got engaged on Saturday night! I’ve known Mackenzie since my freshman year of college (7 years!), and we’ve lived a lot of life together. From living in the sorority house, and being involved in Cru together, to now living in our second Indy home as roommates. I’ve LOVED watching God move in her life, and her fiancee, Kendall, is a great match for her!
  • Two of my best friends moved in their first home as a married couple! Saturday was a perfect morning and afternoon (despite fighting traffic from the Monumental Marathon) starting with amazing brunch. continuing with their move, and ending with Bazbaeux’s pizza with some of my favorite friends.
  • Krista Tippett’s On Being interview with David Brooks and EJ Dionne entitled Sinfulness, Hopefulness and the Possibility of Politics was AMAZING! If you enjoy learning about the role religion plays in society and how that could shift in the future, then this is for you! I finished listening and immediately wanted to start over to make sure I didn’t miss anything. You can listen online or through the podcast app on the On Being podcast. Hearing Brooks and Dionne converse helped me see that religion may still have a place in the public sphere, even for millennials.
  • I just mailed my third letter as part of the Letter Project, an initiative through To Love Ourselves. Twenty-something women are writing letters to girls aged 6-18 across America encouraging them and reminding them that they’re enough! I’m loving being part of this special project. The best part? You can be too!
  • This election season has consistently done one thing: encouraged me to look for thoughtful commentary that avoids simplistic arguments unilaterally for or against a person or a topic. In the age of social media, 160 character tweets, clickbait titles for articles and a love for controversy, I find myself easily impressed with articles that are willing to accept complexities and avoid calling something or someone all good or all bad. Evangelicals have been all over social media in the last week and a half praising and critiquing Jen Hatmaker. I enjoyed reading Jake Meador’s piece, Our Impoverished Imaginations: The World of Jen Hatmaker because he helped frame the controversy in a bigger story. I also appreciated that Meador didn’t write Jen off as being all bad, even without affirming or agreeing with her statements.

Writing out all the thoughts about all the things make me realize just how much has been swirling through my mind this week. I hope your election week gets off to a great start!


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