Weekend Wrap-Up

I think we can all agree that we’re ready for a new week. As much I love the weekends, I also like a fresh start on Monday morning.

It was a FULL weekend! Some of my favorite things – time with the best kids, a run in perfect weather, Friendsgiving, good conversations, great food, and amazing worship.  This week I’m continuing the celebrations that happened this weekend.

  1. I LOVE traditions! This weekend we had our Second Annual Friendsgiving and it was AWESOME! I love the intentional time to be thankful with some of my favorite friends.
  2. It’s finally puffer vest season! Many of my friends love fall, specifically the summer to fall change in seasons. Real life, I LOVE the fall to winter season change. The frost on the ground (I don’t enjoy it on my car), the shorter days, the smell of the air, candles burning, the excuse to drink more coffee and tea, and warmer clothes. With the need for warmer clothes comes PUFFER VESTS! I have an addiction… and it’s not secret, but it’s very real. There are weeks during November and December that I wear a puffer vest at least three days to work. No lie. They look great with sweatshirts, sweaters, long sleeved t-shirts, button ups, blouses and sometimes even dresses. Looking for a recommendation? I LOVE J.Crew and J.Crew Factory’s puffer vests; they’re nice and warm without being too bulky. 
  3. Spontaneous donuts from Jack’s Donuts. It takes me way back to college and late night trips to Cresent Donut, and it was a great stop on the way back from Sunday Night’s Worship Night at Harvest’s Anderson location. After you’ve spent two hours with kids, donuts are a necessity!img_7896
  4. Saturday night I babysat one of my favorite families. I babysit frequently enough that I’ve really gotten to know some family dynamics and build fun relationships with their children. Last time, we started writing a story. At first there were eye rolls, but by the end, all three kids were into it. We didn’t get a chance to finish it, so this weekend we picked right up where we left off. Spending time with kids reminds me of the importance of imagination. It can be hard to encourage your brain to think creatively, but its so importance. I firmly believe the world is changed by imaginative ideas… and it can start with blank pieces of paper and dreaming around a kitchen table.

I’m thankful for a new week that begins today! Happy Monday!

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