Monday Lovin’: The Podcast Edition

Words are my love language. Reading them, listening to them, writing them and speaking them out-loud. I can’t seem to get enough of them. I listened to my first podcast about two years ago, and it’s been game over since then. Especially when I’m in the car or on a walk, it brings me joy to listen to other people talk.

In honor of NPR’s #trypod, I’m sharing my favorite podcasts. You’ll see very quickly what my interests are just by learning which podcasts I enjoy listening to.

Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour is my most recent favorite. Jamie Ivey interviews a different Christian woman each week for one hour. They talk about serious and light-hearted topics. I appreciate that Jamie is willing to get to the root of a person’s story. It’s been super fun to hear the voices of some of my favorite authors and creators. All of the women have incredible stories to tell and insights that I’ve loved hearing. I haven’t listened to episode that I didn’t enjoy yet, but there are several episodes that I’ve absolutely loved: Heather Avis, Rebekah Lyons, Ann Voskamp, all of the episodes with Jessica Honegger, and any and all episodes with Jen Hatmaker. 

Sorta Awesome was the first podcast that I ever listened to. I listened to the first six episodes on a road trip, and it was like my gateway drug to podcasts. Megan Tietz hosts weekly and then there’s a rotation of co-hosts. Some episodes are themed, others are lists, but even themes that I’m not particularly interested in are still loads of fun to listen to. Frequent topics of conversation are books, beauty tips, Myers Briggs and pop culture. My favorite episode is the one on friendship.

The West Wing Weekly delights me! The West Wing is my all-time favorite television show, and I’ve binge watched it at least three times now, so when Josh Malina announced that he would be hosting a podcast that talked about The West Wing episode by episode, I did a happy dance. In recapping the first two seasons of the podcast, they’ve had the BEST guests, including Rob Lowe (!!), Aaron Sorokin, Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff.

NPR Politics Podcast became a favorite of mine during the election season, but I can’t seem to quit it. So much happens each week in politics, and keeping up with it each day is a little bit much with everything else I have going on, so I appreciate listening to the weekly round-up podcast on Fridays for everything that I may have missed.

There are obviously other podcasts that I’ve enjoyed listening to, but these are my weekly listens. What podcasts are you listening to?

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