Every once in a while I get really down on myself. I find myself struggling with the same sin issues, ones that I feel like I’ve moved past. I feel like a grown woman on a diet who gets super frustrated every time she eats something she know she shouldn’t eat. I get really frustrated with myself, and then the self-condemnation sets in. I try not to let what people say to me directly affect me, but I fail. I internalize criticism, even if I don’t agree with it, I let it affect me – in a way condemning myself. This is not what the Lord wants for me. This is me ignoring my identity in Christ.

Being free from sin means that I am no longer a slave to my sin (Galatians 5:1). That means I’m free from condemnation… including self-condemnation. I am a work in progress; Praise God I’ve seen the work He’s done to bring me where I am today. It has not been painless, but it has brought freedom. God will not quit on me; He will bring me to completion (Philippians 1:6). In fact, during the most growing times, I’ve seen God’s provision and felt Him holding my hand more than ever. Only God can bring me to completion and only in His time. Sometimes this makes me anxious, partially because I am impatient. I like to see results now. I want to accomplish everything now. God has shown me this semester that He sees the big picture and His timing is perfect. In the mean time, I will be grateful for where He has brought me from. I will rejoice in the freedom I’m living in today, fully aware that in due time, God will liberate me from even more strongholds in my life. The process will never be over … until I die & then I’ll be free to love Jesus for eternity.

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